The Green Eyes Bridge - Augusta Wisconsin

The Information Site for Augusta WI. Augusta is in Eau Claire County in Bridgecreek Township in the State of Wisconsin.  A full size version makes a great Desktop Wallpaper for wide screens. Click here to see a full size version - 1800 pixels wide - right click after you open it to make your wallpaper

Green Eyes Bridge Haunted near the Eisberg Memorial

The Haunted Green Eyes Bridge in Augusta Wisconsin, Eau Claire County in the Town of Bridgecreek in the Trouble Waters Area near Chaney Road and the fallen fireman Eisberner Memorial

Green Eyes Bridge Photo

The Bridge is in the Troubled Waters Area in the Town of Bridgecreek in Augusta Wisconsin

The Bridge is Said to Be Haunted

Directly north of the Bridge, on the other side of Lake Eau Claire, is the also said to be haunted Stony Lonesome Road

See their locations on the map of the Town of Bridgecreek

Visit it on Halloween or any time

The Bridge is on the south side of Lake Eau Claire