Wisconsin History

The history of Wisconsin, Eau Claire County, the Chippewa Valley, Indian Head Country, Eau Claire County, the Town of Bridgecreek and Augusta Wisconsin

The history of the Great State of Wisconsin and Augusta Wisconsin is intertwined.  What was happening in Wisconsin and Augusta during the early years was the same on most of the upper Midwest

Many of the of the small towns in Wisconsin, American small towns,  were founded in the 1850's.  Augusta Wisconsin's "birthday" was 1856 although the city of Augusta was was not sanctioned by the state as a political unit until 1883

Osseo Wisconsin, Blair Wisconsin, Fall Creek Wisconsin and many others share the same birthdays  

Augusta Wisconsin was originally known as Bridgecreek until the county consolidated its name as a city.

The history of Wisconsin, Augusta, is varied, and detailed. You can research this Wisconsin History on the sites herein listed.  You can find all the history links on the Augusta Web history page

Detailed History of Augusta Wisconsin - 1874 Detailed History of the Wisconsin Town of Bridge Creek History of Augusta  - 1914 Wisconsin High School History in Augusta 1906 - One of the Finest Schools in Wisconsin
Early History of Wisconsin - 1906 1956 Centennial History of Wisconsin Wisconsin History in 1881 Augusta Remembering Wisconsin Small Town America in 2006 as it was in 1956
Civil War Diary of an early Wisconsin Immigrant 1861-1865 History of a Wisconsin Rural School - Rodell 1856 to 1948 History of a Wisconsin Rural School - Rodell 1856 to 1948 - Rodell was formally known as Rosedale Wisconsin History of Bears Grass Wisconsin - 1855 through 1948


Augusta Wisconsin History

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