The Green Eyes Bridge Video
Come see it in Augusta

The Bridge is said to be haunted by legend and some residents in the area.  Make a trek to see for yourself.  Watch the Video and send the link to your friends. 


Green Eyes Bridge Video Movie

VIDEO! Cannot see the movie?  See the Green Eye Bridge FullGreen Eyes Bridge Size.

Thank you for watching this video of the said to be haunted Green Eyes Bridge in Augusta Wisconsin.

Stony Lonesome Road (aka Stony Lonesome Road), north of the Green Eyes bridge, on the other side of Lake Eau Claire, is said to be haunted too.  You can see a large map to the Green Eyes bridge in the town of Bridgecreek at here and a map to the Stoney Lonesome Road in Ludington Township and Wilson Township Map at here

Troubled Waters

The Green Eyes Bridge over Troubled Waters is said to be haunted by a ghost of someone hanged there

Nearby is the Stony Lonesome Road too. The road is often referred to, incorrectly as Stoney Lonesome Road.   It also is said to be haunted

The video movie of the Green Eyes Bridge is produced by Microsoft Silverlight.  Hope you enjoyed the video.

You can find the bridge about 5 miles from Augusta Wisconsin.  Take county road G north out of Augusta.  See a map to the Green Eyes Bridge on the Town of Bridge Creek Map on the Augusta Wisconsin Web.  Come see the site, look for this video of haunted Wisconsin.  Come visit Augusta Wisconsin